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About IOR

Help change the world,

one orphan child at a time

Who among us is more defenseless, more helpless, and more deserving than a child?

At International Orphan Rescue, Inc we believe that every child deserves a safe place to call home, food and clean water, and an education.

We believe every child deserves to have hope.

In many cases the only thing standing in the way is financing.

International Orphan Rescue believes that if it is in our power to help a child, then it is our obligation to do so.

International Orphan Rescue, Inc is not an adoption service. International Orphan Rescue, Inc is a philanthropic organization that provides financial assistance to organizations around the world who are caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphans:

  • Food
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Clothing
  • Beds
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Emotional Support Structure
  • Hope

What makes International Orphan Rescue unique is that instead of trying to build orphan care from the ground up, we work with existing organizations who are already making a difference, but just need some financial support to continue or grow their mission. These local organizations better understand the unique needs of people in their region, and by equipping them to help their own people we are also infusing their local economy with often much needed commerce. Thereby helping not only the orphan, but their community also.

Depending on funding and needs we sometimes provide one-time assistance to purchase water filtration equipment, or dig wells, or supplement a building project. In other instances IOR can provide on-going monthly support to fund day-to-day orphanage operations and orphan care.

International Orphan Rescue connects generous people with orphans in need.

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